Compagneur of the year Award 2020

goes to…

Kathrin Feistl

Director and storytelling Coaching (use-your-own-story)

Through this award, we celebrate the unstoppable Compagneurs whose unbounded ambitions deliver innovation, growth, and prosperity that transform our world.

We decided to create this award in order to inspire, motivate, and encourage our customers to continue on their path of growth, development, and prosperity for themselves and their business.

High impact coaching to

Business success coaching to

Ignite your entrepreneurial journey

Compagneur program helps you to


A program to fuel your career and business

Whether you are…

  • an EMPLOYEE focused on your career
  • in a TRANSITIONS PHASE (corporate ⇄ entrepreneur, university ⇄ job, gap year)
  • an ENTREPRENEUR who wants to move your business to the next level,

…. then you are a COMPAGNEUR

Your reaction will probably be WHAT?

No worries, you haven’t missed the latest business trends or social media news if this term does not ring a bell, in fact it is meant to be something that gets you thinking.

Compagneur is a word creation combining company and entrepreneur. It means to unite the best of both worlds, to learn and profit from both. It is a non-judgmental word acknowledging that

  • firstly there is no right and wrong approach to life and
  • secondly there is always an option to change your position if you are not satisfied.



Company + Entrepreneur

Reach your full potential and transform your life.

From the Compagneur concept we have developed the Compagneur coaching program.

The Compagneur program is a structured yet individual coaching approach. It is unique in its elements and is a combination of academic business theory and practical application in companies and entrepreneurship. Its aim is to assist YOU in your corporate career or entrepreneurial journey.

Develop your career and master your entrepreneurial journey with the compagneur program for your career and business success.

Compagneur helps you to develop your career plan or work on your business (idea). Whether you are an employee and want to move to the next level or you are (starting out as) an entrepreneur, this program covers your specific needs.

The compagneur program is customized to support your professional and business goals. We help you to identify and remove roadblocks to your success. We help you transform your career plan or re-engineer your business (idea).

We believe that both “worlds” (employees and entrepreneurs) can profit from one another and to succeed we should combine the advantages of:

Entrepreneurial can-do attitude to move faster and take bold actions.

Process and structure oriented approach from the corporate world to create predictable consistent and profitable results.

We can help you

develop your career – your business – yourself

Career Development

Get a head start to your career

1:1 Coaching

individual coaching designed for your growth

Business Development

start or work on your business

12-step success formula

In this program we focus on your WHY, WHAT and HOW

Meet us at our Compagneur events

Join our FREE Compagneur community and participate in one of our meetings in Frankfurt.

In these monthly meetings we share our experience, connect employees and entrepreneurs, build cooperations and exchange knowledge. It’s a convenient way to get to know us in person and to experience our way of serving you

You can meet us at our events in Frankfurt.

We love to talk about:


Career Development

Business Strategy

and much more

We travel a lot, so if you want to meet us somewhere near you, then please subscribe to our Newsletter and stay connected.



Kathrin feistl pic
Kathrin Feistl

Deutsche Filmemacherin und Storyteller

Laura Marshallsay

on her LinkedIn coaching experience



Annika B.

Physiotherapist for dogs, cats and horses

“I am both employed and have my own business where I treat dogs and horses. I like this combination a lot and loved that Maike and Lilli’s compagneur programme helped me to sharpen both profiles.”



Malish is an open school, an open door and it’s up to you to take the challenge and the opportunity on how to reform/gain yourself/your life/your business out of their knowledge, their experience and their professionalism.”



Anton R.


After working in the same company for 10 years and finishing my part-time university studies, I was looking for support to find to define my next career steps. I participated in the compagneur career planning program from Malish and I am now ready for the next level in my career.”


Owner Refantastic – Intercultural Risk Consultant

I [particiapted in the Compagneur Meetup in Frankfurt and] liked the friendly, non-judgmental and safe environment that you created. Your success story was really interesting, i enjoyed it and like to hear it again.Please keep me posted on your upcoming events. The harmony between you two is amazing. great job, congratulations! May your business grow day by day and bring you prosperity.




Regular participant to our Compagneur Meetups

“Maike und Lilli haben mit den Compagneur-MeetUps ein Format etabliert, das hervorragend ist, um Angestellte und Freiberufler zu vernetzen.

Beide Welten können voneinander lernen. Der Austausch auf den MeetUps bildet die Brücke zwischen den beiden Welten und kann bestenfalls neue Wege in eine erfüllte berufliche Zukunft ermöglichen. Jeder, der diese MeetUps besucht, kann von der Erfahrung von Maike und Lilli profitieren. Das Besondere der MeetUps ist die Mischung aus Praxistipps, Vernetzung, Erfahrung und das objektive Feedback durch alle Teilnehmer. Ich habe auf den ersten beiden Treffen tolle Menschen kennengelernt, die mir neue berufliche Perspektiven aufgezeigt haben und hier Türen in ihr Netzwerk geöffnet haben. Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar. Auch das Feedback zu meinem Lebenslauf oder Impulse zur Optimierung des LinkedIn-Profils sind hier sehr hilfreich gewesen.

Maike und Lilli gelingt es, alle Teilnehmer der MeetUps einzubinden und auf Ihrem aktuellen Stand abzuholen. Ich finde es spannend, neue Menschen kennen zu lernen und mich mit diesen auszutauschen. Das ist eine “win-win”-Situation für alle Teilnehmer. Daher werde ich auch beim kommenden MeetUp wieder dabei sein. Carsten aus Frankfurt.”



Isabelle Mondy

new in Frankfurt and the Compagneur meetup group

It was a pleasure to meet you and attended to your Compagneurs event. It was really interesting to share our point of views on different subjects and from different angles (coaches, employees, self-employed). It was a great opportunity to meet amazing people. I am looking forward to hearing more about your compagneurs campus.”



Magdalena J.

Senior IT Project Manager & Scum Master

Biggi L.

Academy for Greatness


Your network is your net worth

Kim Kiyosaki

autographing her book at a private dinner in 2019

Kim is an internationally renowned speaker, real estate investor and founder of “Rich Woman”

Thaddaeus Koroma

Thaddaeus is the founder of coaching program “Lebensathleten”, high performance coach and speaker

Your network is your net worth

Veronica Tan

while playing the ‘chashflow’ game

Veronica Tan is the co-founder of Success Resources, the world’s biggest self-development seminar organization with more than 10 million attendees.

Les Brown

in New York 2018

Les is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers, inspiring rooms of 80.000 people. His videos on YouTube reach 4 million views each.

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

Barbara Marx Hubbard

during one of her last stage appearances

Barbara was considered a futurist and founder of the conscious evolution movement. She was the first woman to be nominated by the democrats for vice presidency of the USA.

Mirela Sula(L) & Elena Cardone(R)

at Global Woman Summit ’19

Mirela is the founder of Global Woman a worldwide business network and self-made business woman.

Elena is a former actress, best-selling author, empire builder and visionary.

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

Harry Singha

after being interviewed by Lilli

Harry is an international successful speaker coach, mentor and trainer.

John Lee

our social media coach

John is a self-made real estate millionaire. Now his company Wealth Dragons coaches on real estate, social media and on how to create the life style, wealth and happiness in their lives.

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

Svenja Lassen

at the cosmopolitan corner

Svenja was the senior editor of the German Cosmopolitan magazine. Now she is the Managing Director for a venture capital firm.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

sharing his wisdom with us

Dr. Ervin is a philosopher of science, systems theorist and an advocate of the theory of quantum consciousness. He has published over 75 books and 400 papers. He is also the founder of the club of Budapest.

Melanie Vogel

during Woman & Work

Melanie founded Germany’s biggest career and networking congress ‘Woman & Work’. Within 10 years the fair and congress has grown to 10,000 annual visitors. She is also a three times award-winning innovator.

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

Michael and Robbie Mathews

advising on real estate

Michael and Robbie are the founders of the Matthews Entrepreneur Group specializing in personal financial literacy education.

Hugh Rilley

That Channel

Live broadcasting, video production, music recording and podcasting studio in Toronto.

Hugh Rilley is the host of daily TV how “Liquid Lunch”

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

Stephen Gillen & Daphne Deluce

during a private lunch in Windsor, UK

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning international public speaker and film maker.

Daphne is a serial entrepreneur, interior designer and branding expert.

Charlotte Hagard

during our LinkedIn business meeting

Charlotte is called the LinkedIn Queen. She is an experienced and passionate career, personal branding expert, Executive & Business coach, Leadership trainer & public speaker(150000+ people) in the past 25 years.

Your network is your net worth

Maike and Lilli had the pleasure of being inspired, coached by

JT Foxx

Business & Wealth Coach

JT Foxx is known worldwide as a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and is considered one of the top speakers, strategists and the #1 coach in business, wealth and real estate.

Bindar Dosanjh

presenting her freshly printed best-seller

Bindar is multi award-winning property developer, property mentor, trainer and lawyer

Alice Schwarzer

signing EMMA

Alice is a German journalist and prominent contemporary feminist. She is the founder of the German feminist journal EMMA and a columnist of Germany’s best-selling tabloid Bild.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Compagneur is a 1:1 individual coaching program, targeted to your individual needs. In the future, we might offer group sessions, so we multiply our learning within the group.

We have worked in both, the corporate and the entrepreneur worlds, and we have realized by studying our own successes in both areas that it is because we apply tools, systems, knowledge and processes from both simultaneously. We have formalized these experiences and put them into the compagneur coaching program.

Our values are trust, respect and honesty.

We are driven by a desire to help employees and entrepreneurs to reach their individual goals. That’s why we have developed the Compagneur program.

We both are native German speakers, with good command over English. Plus, Lilli's mother tounge is Russian. So you can talk to us/get this coaching program in English, Deutsche and Russian.

We either meet online via zoom/skype or offline if you are based in Frankfurt. You may then come by our office in the Westend, or we arrange to meet elsewhere.

You are a compagneur if you believe that “both worlds” can learn and profit from one another and you think that there is no right and wrong approach to life. You are also convinced that there is always an option to change your position if you are not satisfied.

Absolutely. If you are based in Frankfurt, we recommend having the first session in person. Remaining sessions can be conducted online.

There is no specific qualification needed. Openness and a mindset to learn and improve things should be your drivers. Before we start, we either have a first strategy call (free of charge) and/or ask you to fill out a short questionnaire which helps us to understand your needs and expectations of the coaching program.

Not in the usual sense. We will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about your needs, wants, expectations and status quo which we expect to receive 48 hours prior to our first session.

We schedule for one hour but always leave time to finish the session. We aim to not go over 90 minutes as in our experience this is the maximum concentration span. If you agree, we will record the session on audio, so you can always go back and listen to it.

It depends on your situation.

In cases where it is advantageous to have another person present, then yes. If for example, your friend likes to listen in to our conversation and wants to give you personal feedback afterward, that’s okay for one time.

If it is your business partner, we would highly recommend doing the whole coaching together and not just certain sessions.

To ask for advice is not a question whether you are in sports, politics, or business, but whether you want to work on your short-medium- and long-term goals and profit from the experience of someone who has gone down the same road before. Our motto is: why should we reinvent the wheel if it's already developed and perfectionated.

The first and best resource to get to know us online is to check out our homepage

If you want to meet us in person, then you will have plenty of opportunities in Frankfurt to do so. We organize monthly compagneur meetings where we invite employees and entrepreneurs for networking and exchange. You will also find us at networking events in the area of start-up, real estate, blockchain, female empowerment.

Don’t miss out to befriend us on LinkedIn and follow our content there.

We use Digistore24 as a payment operator. From our homepage, you will be navigated to Digistore24, where you can pay with credit cards, invoices or PayPal and receive a receipt.

If we make an appointment it’s blocked in our calendar and we also assign time before and after to prepare and follow up with our session. Thus, our cancellation policy is 24 hours before your appointment. We know things can always turn up and we want to give you as much flexibility as we can. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment, it’s a case on case decision.

That’s our main motivation. We want to assist you, allow you to profit from our experience but enable you to walk on your own after we have finished. But of course, we will not leave you alone after that. There are always regular networking events, where interested people and alumni meet. Also you can always contact us and if needed you may book another program with us. Ask for a special deal with us.

As compagneur is also an attitude to live, we want to connect as many people from both worlds. That is why we organise regular events, meetings aka meetups where people from all walks of life are joining. Join our free meetup group to find out more.

All coaching sessions are structured in a way, so they can be conducted online. No matter where you are based, we can work together.

MaLish is our company name and an Arabic saying. To find out more about our company, our services and values, check out our homepage and join our YouTube channel Malish connecting

Absolutely. In your last session we are going to evaluate your next steps and plans. If you feel like you want to consult some more with us, then we will select the right coaching program for you.

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