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You are at the right place if you want to do more in your professional life

Joining Compagneur gives you access to two experts with years of experience in the corporate world and their own business

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bekannt aus

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Re-engineer your career or business

We support both – employees working in the corporate world and entrepreneurs in their individual journey to the next level.

One-to-one coaching session online and in person.

achieve fast results with proven concepts by female experience from male dominated industries

Who we are…


We are unconventional in every aspect.

We quit our well-paid and representative jobs to start from scratch with just a business idea and no financial investor behind us. We built everything from scratch: from marketing, branding, writing newsletters, setting up homepages to sales training, speaking and selling from stage.

What helped us to build our company Malish were the decades of experience in the corporate world.

We are experts in the:

job application process (Maike applied for 100 jobs, ran through more than 20 interviews and ACs)

selection and hiring process (Lilli selected, hired and onboarded over 100 people worldwide)implementing tools and systems (together we trained over 2.000 employees)

leading teams (Lilli has long year experience in leading international teams)

Our aim and vision is to assist YOU in your corporate career or entrepreneurial endeavour.

Whether you are an employee trying to climb up the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur working hard to achieve business goals, Compagneur is the perfect choice for you.

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Hi, I am Maike Benner
I can help you with

You profit from my knowledge, experience, and entrepreneurial genes. My previous generations - my great grandfather and my grandfather have been successful entrepreneurs.

I know my way around excel, SAP, project management and development of business trainings.
I help you to find your target audience, perfect social media channel and time for your business and getting started.

We will together audit your Business plan and have a close look at your price tags and finances.

Interesting facts about me

┬áMy motto is: “Change is the only constant.”


I’ve travelled to Australia, Brazil, Peru, Egypt with my backpack. Now I go east: Russia, Singapore, China – but without backpack this time.


I did competitive swimming for decades and obtained a lifeguard license. Now it is my form of recharging.


I am always on a lookout for sustainable investments. My portfolio contains trees, gas, water, wind and solar. Any suggestions?


Photography, filming, editing and drawing are my hobbies and competitive advantages within our business. Have you checked one of the Compagneur videos?

I am Lilli Rohde
I can help you with…

I have recruited, hired, on-boarded over 100 people internationally for different functions and regions. I have also helped them develop their careers, promoted them, and given them perspective on the job. You bet together we will sharpen your career.

From an early age, I was very sure about my career goals and expectations. I planned, strategized, and executed my actions to reach my desired career levels. I started out in a simple office job but moved quite fast to a Team leader position, Head of 4 different sales regions and Global Sales manager before starting my own business. I can help you to plan your career growth no matter what your plans are, and we will make it possible together.

I became a team leader at the age of 23, making me the youngest team leader in the company. Adding to that, I was the only female team lead in the male-dominated industry. What are your leadership challenges? If you have any career-related challenges, let us discuss them together.

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Interesting facts about me

My life’s motto is: “Be the captain of your life!”


I started working and building my financial independence, as soon as I moved out of my parents home at a very young age.


I quit my well-paid key management job to become self-employed with Malish.


I’ve always dreamed big. My goal to be part of a supervisory board by the age of 42. Any vacancies?

5 am club

As I am a “sleeper”, to join the 5 am club was the biggest commitment for getting the needed competitive advantage.

You need more clarity? Book a FREE consultancy Session

In this strategy session you will be able to:

Identify and see your main challenges in perspective.

Get at least one action item, which help you move forward in the right direction.

Find out the right Compagneur program that can take you towards your goals.

Our Publications

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Our Publications

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Our Publications

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)