4 Things to Remove From Your CV Right Now

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August 28, 2020

Written by Lilli Rohde  

Your CV is a very important document that is used when you want to apply for a job. As such, it should be written as professionally as possible.
Before writing a CV, it is good to research what the company is looking for where you want to apply for the job. Then you can know exactly which qualifications or skills you possess suit the company as well.
What should a good CV have? The quality of the CV depends on the content, spelling, aesthetics, and chronology.

A high-quality CV will significantly increase your chance of earning a face-to-face interview, which is the purpose of your CV.
Spend time and effort to make the content of the CV qualitative and presentable. It should be as easy and clear as possible for anyone reading it, enabling the reader to find the information he or she seeks as easily as possible.
A poorly designed CV can shed a different light on you and your personality to your next boss. Many applicants still continue to make mistakes when writing their CV by inserting elements that should not be included and left out elements that are important. This makes the job of the employer easier because it easily detects inappropriate CVs not to deal with.

Even the best candidates can be disqualified if they apply for a job with the wrong CV. Therefore, when writing a CV it should be analyzed in detail. We bring you some suggestions, so if you follow them you can avoid your disqualification.

-Work experiences that are irrelevant
You should not include details of the trivial work that you have done. For example, don’t include jobs that you may have done for only one season for some extra income, or jobs that are not related to your current job (not related to industry or work experience).

-Skills that may not exactly be considered SKILLS
You need to be careful when listing your skills. When computers were first introduced in offices and workplaces, having experience with the Microsoft Office suite was a skill that had to be noted. Nowadays, everyone considers recognizing this package as a skill, so to make a difference, you need to list the most advanced skills related to your Microsoft Office experiences.

-Old experiences

If you have developed an internship when you were a university student, this is a good thing, but if you are applying for a job position 5 years after your graduation, it is better not to include this experience in your CV. Interviewers or employers are more interested in your recent experiences or projects. Of course, this advice does not apply when you are a recent graduate, as in an inexperienced CV, the inclusion of an internship would help you a lot in finding a job.

More Pages
It is usually not desirable for your CV to have more than two pages. This is certainly relative and depends on the industry, the position you are applying for, and your experience, however, it is clear that a very long and multi-page CV becomes tedious for anyone who reads it.

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