5 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Mentor

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May 17, 2020

Written by Maike Benner  

Mentors are a valuable resource for everyone. Most successful people have mentors. No one is too good or too old, clever, or experienced to have a mentor.

Through mentoring, people who have just started a new job or business have the opportunity to learn specific knowledge and develop connections that will help them grow in the future.

Sometimes you find mentors through inspiring people with whom you already collaborate and act. A mentor can be someone who already knows your potential – who knows how you think, act, communicate, and contribute. A mentor should also know that you will listen to their advice with great determination and use their feedback.

Find mentors among people you know, people who are steps ahead in your field, your role, or the industry, who are already doing something you intend to do in the future. If you don’t know someone who fits this profile, then it’s time to start looking.

A mentor helps you create a model of what your career or business will look like in the future. Here are 5 important reasons why everybody should have a mentor:

Mentors help you to design the vision
”If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. ” – Isaac Newton. In Isaac Newton’s words, mentors help you broaden your vision. Mentors give advice and help you design and visualize your vision clearly. If you are taking a new step into your business or career, you need to know that everything starts with a great vision. The clearer you are about the place you want to go, the sooner you will get there.

Mentors motivate and empower you
Mentors are people who have been on the path you are treading today, so they can give you the right practical advice on what you need to do in order to meet success. If you are going through difficulties and challenging times, mentors are there to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to stand out and achieve your goals. Mentors have very good leadership skills and are strategist communicators. A mentor can be an advocate of your achievements and will be there for you every step of your career.

Mentors push you to go further
As we said at the beginning, mentors are people capable of perceiving your potential and the importance of your ideas. They trust you and encourage you to dare, to go further, to show all your skills, and to give your best in every situation or decision. They pat you on the back for your successes. They guide you in extracting lessons from your failures and learning how to take as an opportunity every challenge.

Mentors help you to be passionate about your success and brand
If you want to excel in a job or in your business, it is important to love what you do. You need to be the ‘first customer’ of your company. If you don’t love or don’t speak passionately and admiringly about your business and your brand, then who else will?

Mentors believe in you
If you are going through an essential moment you will need someone who believes in you. Mentors can help you make the right decision. Change can be difficult, even when it’s what you want. You need someone to understand and support you. You need someone who believes in your choice and advises you in the right way to avoid mistakes and setbacks.

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