5 ways you can make extra money right now

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October 16, 2020

Written by Lilli Rohde  

In recent years a very popular way of working has also become freelancers. So anyone looking to work beyond their 9 to 6 job already has the opportunity to do so and secure some extra income. You may have heard of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, which offer employment opportunities as a freelancer and where professionals from around the world are part of it.

The easy-to-use platform where anyone can register itself, anyone who has talent or skills in a certain professional field or anyone who needs to hire a freelancer to complete the project can create an account and be joining the network of the platform. There are many categories like translations, content writing, research, and up to the development of programs or websites. So any kind of work that an individual can perform online.

Between 2014 and 2019, the amount of people who freelance full time rose from 17 to 28 percent all over the world.

The Upwork and Freelancers Union’s Freelancing in America: 2019 report found that 57 million Americans freelance in some sort of capacity, making up 35 percent of the workforce. Out of all generational groups, Gen Z has the most freelancers, at 53 percent.

The health emergency since March 2020, seems to have increased the trend of remote work, which can be done from the comfort of home.

In this blog, I want to give you an idea of some of the things that can be done from home, and that requires only a little of your time.

1.Teach English. You do not need to be a teacher to teach English. You can get a simple certificate and give English language lessons anywhere in the world, especially in third world countries. Furthermore, there are platforms like https://www.vipkid.com/teach that do not require any certificates.
2.Teach a skill. Teach others a certain skill. If you are a good chef, if you are a make-up artist, or someone who has a passion for makeup, you can use the Youtube platform, post your video and manage to get money from the clicks and likes of the video.
3.Create stuff to sell. From cookies to masks (to be kept from the pandemic) or outfits, the possibilities for creating stuff and selling them online are many. You can create a page on the Instagram platform (which is free) or even become part of local platforms in your city and this can result in a golden and profitable opportunity.

  1. Work as a virtual assistant. Many companies, especially small businesses, offer part-time employment opportunities as a virtual assistant working on a freelance basis.
    If you know about digital marketing, know how to create content for a certain field of business, are good with technology, video creation, or graphic design, then this may be your opportunity.
    5.Call Center Agent. If you are good at telemarketing, you are an orator and you like to work in customer service, a call center agent can be a good opportunity for you. You will work from the comfort of your own home for 2 or 3 hours and you will be satisfied with the money you will earn. Companies who are looking for call center agents usually offer extremely flexible schedules. You tell them what hours work for you, and that is what you will work on.

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