How to get back to work after the holidays

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August 2, 2020

Written by Lilli Rohde  

Returning to work after a few weeks off is very difficult. For some days in a row, you turned off the 6:00 alarm and slept as much as you wanted, went out, deactivated your internet and emails, etc.

However, the holidays are over and you need to get back to work motivated. This is not as easy as it sounds, so here are some tips on how to get back to work motivated after the holidays:

  1. Start with small tasks
    If you start with a heavy workload from the first day is likely to be stressed. Although it may seem interesting to dive into massive and time-consuming projects, you need to give your brain a chance to get involved in work step by step. It is better to start with small tasks to feel motivated every time you finish something.
  2. Reply first to the messages you think are most urgent
    One of the most stressful aspects of returning to work after the holidays is the fact that you have to reply to emails that have been collected. It is important to prioritize and respond to messages that you think are most urgent.

3. Create a to-do list
Of course, from the first day you return to work, you will have a lot to do. However, most productivity experts suggest getting some moments off to list your priority on your to-do list.
It would be a great relief if you put your priorities on paper and then start implementing them.

4. Bring a small portion of your vacation with you
Souvenirs are great personal memories that can remind you that it is good to relax and enjoy life.The positive feelings of your trip will allow you to turn the holiday energy into energy for your work.

5. Go to work with a new strategy
Create a strategy for how you will address your clients for future collaborations. Maybe you were tense with a task before you went on vacation because you could not make it work. Once you are away from it for a while, you can look at it differently and offer a new perspective. Sometimes you just need a little time to take a small step in your work.

6. Take a break during the day
Do not let guilt force you to believe that you have to work hard enough because you were far away. Not only did you take vacations, but your colleagues also did too. Be kind to yourself and remember that you deserve your vacation and the time you need to relax. Take a break of five or ten minutes every three hours.

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