How to start a business without money

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March 24, 2020

Written by Maike Benner  

Because of COVID-19, the world is facing an unusual situation that can often produce fear, uncertainty and frustration in people’s lives. Obligatory isolation has its negative effects, but some positive effects as well.
It’s a good time to think about your life, your goals and what you want to accomplish. If you have a dream about being in business that is hidden somewhere and your daily routine has ’’killed it’’, this is the time to give it life. Before you start any business, you need to decide what products or services you will provide. Start by thinking about your interests, passions, wisdom and skills. Do you have any hobby you can turn into a business?
You should know that the most affordable business ideas will incorporate the skills or assets you already have.

Work on your business idea

Is your business idea really unique? What is the value? Is this something the market and people need? Or is it something you think they might love? Getting answers to these questions is important in determining whether or not your idea works.

Analyze your market and challenges

It is very important to understand the market where you operate and your competition. The market analysis may seem complex, but it’s necessary if you want to lead your business in the direction of success. Your market analysis can make or break your startup. Analyzing markets helps you reduce risks because you can better understand your customers and market conditions.

Understand your financial needs

You need money to start a business, but what is the exact amount you need? Without a clear idea, you run the risk of valuing your business more than it’s worth, and this will keep investors away from you. So before you start thinking about how to raise funds, you need to understand your financial needs. How long does it take to get started? How will you use these funds?

Explore online fundraising platforms

You can ask online users to contribute to your idea. Different platforms have changed the way entrepreneurs are raising funds to start a new business.

Interact with people

It is important to find the right people who can help you. You can attend various events where you are likely to find potential investors. You can also follow online forums where you find various tips and tools to bring your business to life.


Will you make sure your business idea is truly unique? Take a test and find out. A test will give you the confidence you need to take your idea to a new level and avoid the dangers. You can start with small steps such as donating some free products/services to understand how people respond to them. Such a test can provide you with new insights into setting up your business and make you understand some of the challenges that you may have overlooked.

Collect ‘Feedback’

If you are planning to start a new business, a second opinion from someone who knows the market and the challenges involved will help. A business idea may look good on paper but it is not so attractive when you fit it exactly. An expert can help you see things from a new perspective.

The most important thing you need for a business is your determination, versatility and of course a unique and useful idea.

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Because of COVID-19, the world is facing an unusual situation that can often produce fear, uncertainty and frustration in people’s lives. Obligatory isolation has its negative effects, but some positive… Read More »How to start a business without money

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