How You’re Killing Your Own Creativity

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June 14, 2020

Written by Maike Benner  

Being creative is a critical aspect that accompanies a person until the end of life. Creativity needs to be kept alive every day and it has nothing to do with the profession; you can be a marketer, an assistant, a writer, an artist, an entrepreneur and you will always need to come up with new ideas and be creative with your work.

For entrepreneurs, creativity is a tool for growth, development, a business revolution, it is about making a difference with other businesses in the market, making a difference in the eyes of the customer. Creativity enables entrepreneurs to solve problems, respond to challenges, and come up with innovative ideas.
In my work as a coach, only a low number of entrepreneurs want to learn the old ways of doing things. Most of them want to know how they can win by doing something that no one else is doing. And the best way to do that, of course, is to come up with something special and different.

There are several ways in which entrepreneurs can make themselves and their companies more creative. Here are five ways you can increase your creativity. If you haven’t done any of these for a very long time, your creativity is really ‘at risk.’

Surround yourself with inspiration
Positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi suggests that the environment also plays a role in the creative process. Stimulating environments can facilitate the process of creative thinking. Create an office space that helps you feel inspired and active. Look for stimulating experiences and settings that can help boost creativity.

Re-conception of the problem
A common trait that creative people tend to share is that they usually re-conceive problems more often than less creative people. Instead of continuing to throw yourself into the same mental wall, try to take a step back. Review the problem from the beginning. Is there any other way to think about it? Can you look at the matter from a different angle? Giving yourself this chance to start with a new perspective can foster creative thinking and lead to newer solutions.

Listen to your emotions
Is it a coincidence that meditation has been used by many successful people? The emptiness within yourself and the cultivation of inner silence is essential because it allows you to regain contact with your deep emotions: from there new ideas and forces for courage arise.
Experiment with different techniques, from yoga to meditation. If you can’t meditate, focus on other ways: running, swimming, or just a free hour to dream may be the right incentive to start contact with your inner world.

Be curious
Successful people do not stop learning from others. Use books or different content to refresh your thoughts. Social media as well can be strategic when we know how to make good use of our time and create a list of contacts that can inspire us.

Take vacations
It is important to take a few days off in order to calm down, gather strength, relax, and rethink about your vision. Staying away from the office, turning off the phone, and disabling emails make you less stressed and you can generate new ideas.

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