Leadership In Times of Crisis. Qualities That Lead to Success

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May 27, 2020

Written by Maike Benner  

Leadership is the ability to help people achieve their goals and is rightly absolutely essential in a crisis.

Various historical moments have testified to this. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill demonstrated this in 1940, as Nelson Mandela did during the transition situation in South Africa. But as we talk about leadership and leaders, we need to understand that they are not just in the political sphere, but everywhere, in business, in the economy, in entrepreneurship, in the media, and so on.

Leaders are the pinnacle of the pyramid in the structure of a business, they are people who have a clear vision of in what level want to take the company and do tireless work. Leaders are the heart of the working body, which puts the business bodies to work – the workers.

A leader can be anyone who has leadership skills, who has the will to work, and who is willing to become one, along with his followers and workers. But being a successful leader is more difficult, especially in times of crisis. The Covid-19 crisis made the role of the leader in a company or even in an institution, society, etc even more important and visible. We all saw how during this time of closure the political leadership in some countries also got the maximum points. Leaders of states with their leadership and public speeches excited or even gave heart and strength to their people to face this situation. Here, came to the fore, one of the main characteristics of the leader, such as his ability to care for the people around him. We can even say that this period that we have gone through and are continuing to go through, is a test to understand how ready and worthy a leader is to face difficult situations.

A good leader should make his followers believe what he says. The leader should contribute to settling the situation and everything. He must be hopeful and work hard to make things right. He should be peaceful and imperturbable so on he can not make mistakes in decision making. This will help the organization or business he runs. In general, the leader must be careful about everything and be ready to face challenges in any situation. The behavior of the leader influences the behavior of the followers in crisis management. And that is essential to achieving the strategic goals of the organization.

For a leader to be effective in crisis management, it is important to have close cooperation with his team. A good leader organizes the team to face the crisis, makes them believe that the leadership will provide them with stability.

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