Ways to Boost Team Productivity in 2020

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June 3, 2020

Written by Lilli Rohde  

One of the most important elements for a company’s success is the workplace environment and teamwork. In order to achieve the best possible coordination of work in the team, everyone must cooperate and help each other, but this is mostly a task and responsibility of the boss.
Some members can disrupt the work of the entire team, so proper management and the use of effective strategies to coordinate the work are very necessary.

Even the smart strategies cannot overcome the failure of poor execution by team members, while an executive at the highest possible levels can bypass the use of a weak strategy.
Each person has his own importance in the team, but the team as a single one is more important than all the individuals.
Below I will speak about the 5 factors that increase the productivity of teamwork:

Creating the right leadership – This means having a clear vision of what you would like to achieve as a company. You are the first to identify opportunities and inspire the team to achieve those opportunities. In his book Wisdom of Teams, Jon Katzenbach writes that if short-term goals do not match your company’s long-term goals, then employees will be very confused and, above all, will not be productive at all.
Teamwork works best if the objectives that all employees need to achieve are very well defined.

Creating a productivity culture in the workplace – A good relationship between team members is the key to productivity in the workplace. A workplace that conveys positive energy helps the team come together and get organized.
It is important to know the experience and value of the people you have on the team. The more they know each other’s experience and capacity, the better they can always come out as a team.

Skill-up your staff with training – Different training that informs and provides for your staff opportunities to grow and learn what happens beyond the company where they work, what are the new trends in business, what are the technologies used, etc. You need to give employees the opportunity to attend various training in their field of expertise. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. The more skills have the team, the easiest it is to achieve success.

Stop multitasking – It has also been psychologically proven that if you delegate and charge your staff with a lot of work at the same time, it will affect their productivity. More tasks, less productivity. It would be good to finish one project once and then start the next. Actions according to a well-defined schedule in time and tasks make the team maintain calm, clarity, and work more efficiently.

Take breaks, frequently- When your team is stressed, everybody loses. In order to feel relaxed and calm, it is important not to stress the team and occasionally take breaks. When people return to work after a break they are more motivated and charged to fulfill their tasks with inspiration, creativity, and desire.
At first, it may seem like this will cost you money,(and it is true, it will cost) but trust me it will cost you more to have a stressed team.

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