Why does everyone want more followers? And what should they really take into consideration

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June 19, 2020

Written by Lilli Rohde  

As a coach and business strategist, I have worked with many businesses and individuals over the last years and their main requirement when it comes to online marketing is the number of followers.
When I have asked them about the WHY, it looks like they all have the same answer: “the big number shows authority”. Of course, this logic makes sense, but not 100%.
The real problem with a large number of followers is that the goal itself pushes people and companies towards non-organic and hasty addition of followers, and by doing so, they attract a large number of people to pages that have an average or low attention to what they share and promote.

What are the key characteristics that your business site should have in order to be attractive for those who follow you, but also that are your potential customers as well?

Content, content, content
It is very important to have quality content that speaks the vision of your company and what you want to achieve. Rather than trying to sell immediately, you should also emphasize the values that the product/service you offer convey.
Promotions should be oriented towards giving value and information, and if your product or service has a concrete way of giving value to the market, then do not hesitate to share it.

Make it funny
Writing with humor, and making jokes is also a good promotion mechanism. Everyone wants to break away a little from their routine and read something interesting. Humor is the only means of communication that has always been effective in crisis situations.

Communication style
Communication in itself, whether on social media, email, or anywhere, should be as human as possible and show empathy for the problem or potential customers.
Even if you are not selling during this period, do not miss the chance to communicate with the people who follow you, share messages that can serve you or constantly show that even though you are not in business at the moment, you are alert and ready to serve the people as soon as possible.

Online reputation
It is important that you respond to messages, criticisms, or even suggestions that come through comments on your social platforms. Always monitor them. Social networks make it easy to monitor by offering you the ability to search for an alarm whenever your username is mentioned.

Offer a free product or service to customers
Many studies and examples have confirmed that people are more likely to accept something for free than they have to pay a nominal price for it. So why not offer a free service or product to your customers? Maybe you can offer a free consultation for a few minutes, a webinar, a product etc

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