Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Vacations

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July 26, 2020

Written by Maike Benner  

For an entrepreneur who has worked all year round, it is very necessary during the summer to take a break for a few days of vacation and leave behind the tedious work routine.

At sea or in the mountains, in a province near your city or in another country, it does not matter where you go, but the feeling it creates in your mind, heart and soul.

Of course, if you have had a difficult economic year, you need to be careful when it comes to spending without limits.

Vacations are very important in our psychological and mental well-being, as well as in all aspects of our daily life and business.

Vacations are generally considered to be a source of happiness and indispensable for the quality of life.

Some studies have shown that people report increased energy, increased feelings of life satisfaction, and have fewer overall health and emotional complaints after taking vacations.

Here are 7 benefits of taking a break during the summer:

1. Reduces stress

Studies have shown that taking a break helps maintain good health. Taking a break from high-pressure deadlines and environments fights stress and makes you break free from the nervous and anxious state by moving to a calmer and more relaxed state.

2. Increases creativity

Taking a break boosts creativity – a change of pace allows people to see their daily lives differently. People experience clearer thinking as well as grow creatively after disconnecting from their work environment for a steady period of time.

3. Increases emotional stability

Too much time in the office (if you work long hours or refuse to take vacations) can leave you feeling frustrated. However, moving away from your work environment can avoid the potential for ‘inappropriate outbreaks.’

Maike and Lilli during this summer vacation

4. Increases self-confidence

Many researchers have noted that people return from a vacation with a renewed sense of self. They refresh themselves and try to approach projects with more energy, choosing to treat them carefully instead of finding quick solutions.

5. Improves your intelligence

The human body risks unproductivity; when people ignore their natural cycle of alertness and fatigue, they are dismissing the body’s need to restart.

6. Strengthens relationships

Spending time with a partner or family member during the holidays allows you to connect with these people in ways that go beyond the usual discussions. Experts have found that time together builds personal relationships and enhances family connectivity.

7. Be inspired in new ways

Exploring a new area may be just what you need to get away from your usual zone and discover something different. You do not know where the inspiration will come from, but it certainly will not be found when you are engaged in the same environment and have the same routine every day.

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